Interview with Suuns

On November the 8th, the Canadian quartet Suuns performed at La Cigale for the music festival Les Inrocks. We had the chance to meet Liam, the drummer, who told us a little bit more about the band. After the success of the second album, Images du Futur, the band is touring around the world and will soon be opening for Phoenix.


  • Hi Liam! To start I’ll let you introduce your band!

Hi ! I’m Liam, and I play the drums in Suuns. In the band there’s Joe on the guitar, sometimes on the bass. Max plays the keyboard and Ben is our singer and songwritter. We’re from Canda and we’re 27 to 33 years old. We met at university, we were part of the Jazz program in McGill. In 2006 we created Suuns. Our first Ep was Bambi, and we have two albums, Zeroes QC (2011) and Images du Futur (2013).

  • And what pushed you into creating Suuns?

You know, winters are longs in Canada, you have to find something to do! At first it was casual then it evolved, today we found our identity.

  • Was it easy for you to find a music label?

Yes! We recorded with Jace Lasek, singer of The Besnard Lakes on the label Jagjaguwar. They heard our disc and they called us! They liked our stuff, we got lucky! Then we signed on the label Secretly Canadian!

  • What are you main inspirations?

It evolves over time! We love futuristic sounds and bands like Spiritualized and The Pixies have inspired us! Interpol’s debut album also, I listened to it a lot when I was younger!

  • This is not your first time in Paris, is it a city that you particularly like?

Yes, we love Paris! This is the sixth time tonight that we play here! Before we performed at le Trabendo, la Maroquinerie, at le Point Ephemere, twice, or at le Nouveau Casino! This is where we find the best crowd! We’re not as successful in Canada or the United States; it’s in France that our music works the more! You must have better taste!

Suuns - Images du Futur
Suuns – Images du Futur
  • What are your ambitions for the future?

We hope to work with a producer such as Geoff Barrow, from Portishead, or an electronic music producer, but it’s true that we change our minds a lot! For the moment, we’re touring after the release of Images du Futur, our third album isn’t planed yet! We’re really enjoying our tour!

  •  The biggest show you performed?

Tonight! La Cigale, it’s one of the biggest venue we’re playing at, it’s really impressive! Oh and when we played at La Route Du Rock, that was also a big gig for us!

credit : Nicolas Nithart
credit : Nicolas Nithart
  • And do you guys have hidden talents?

Oh my god, hidden talents?

  • Yeah, a special talent!

Oh yeah, we are really special! Joe tells a lot of shit! Max, he reads a lot, all the time; he’s really spending his time reading books! And I’m amazing! No, I’m just fine! Well, it’s true that i’m kind of bossy! But you know, that’s the thing about drummers, they’re always bossy! We are the band managers!


  • Do you still have you first fans supporting you?

Yes, a lot of them! When you love Suuns, you love us for a long time! Our fans are very loyals, it’s nice! And after every show our fanbase is growing!

  • And to communicate with them, are you using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter?

No, we’re quite shy online, quiet! Well, we do have an Instagram account, we use Facebook a bit if we have information to share, but it’s not really our style. We’re more of a people’s band! We’re soldiers!

  • Is there one band you’d like indiemusic readers to hear about?

Yes, there’s a band called Valleys, they are good friends of mine and they’re from Montreal. What they’re doing is really amazing. You should definitely listen to their songs!

  • Liam, the final word is for you!

Huuum… Don’t fuck with me and I won’t fuck with you! Hahaha.

Interview by Alicia Tang and Julie Bugeon.

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