we are indie XV

When we decide to release a new we are indie music compilation, we always ask ourselves tons of questions, with many wishes and ideas to concretize.

We first want to do better. We want to go deeper and further in our quest of new discoveries, to surprise the listener who has been following us for a long time, who is enjoying us for the first time by accident, who is dying to discover the new chapter of our abundant selection of indie artists from France and everywhere else in the world.

And for us, there is this nervosity together with the challenge to achieve a new step in this fantastic adventure, definitely human with all these artists, bands, labels to whom we are introducing the projects, to whom we are offering a seat on board of our musical trip.

Obviously at the beginning, it’s a bit empty, we wait for the first yes for hours then it speeds up. Step by step, the project comes to life, artists from everywhere are filling the empty slots.

This time, we have to confess that we needed no less than twice the usual space for this ambitious plan.

38 bands that we wanted you to discover, 38 attractive projects that grabbed our attention, most of the time through reviews or interviews that we did, sometimes with just the idea to promote them, or simply by pleasure.

Among all theses projcts, it is first up to us – writers – to figure out what to select.

We have to catch the listeneŕs attention, to create coherence all along the experience, with emotion. Tricky exercise. Challenge of course accepted, thanks to the background experience from previous compilations. Hesitations, experimenting associations of projects, moving backward, doubts, final tracklisting order amongst many combinations.

Here we are, we finally have completed our 15th compilation.It´s time for us to introduce it to you.
Let’s go !

we are indie XV

Part I

Heartbreaking opening with the sound of Midas Fall, the intensity goes a bit down with the folk notes of Tales & Remedies.

Then follows an aerial pursuit with Mataharie, before being caught by the hypnotic pop of Hi Cowboy followed by CoolCoolCool.

Our musical road trip has well started, here plays now the stunning pop of Scanners and the joyful groove of Igit.

Then comes Alba Lua whispering a sunny anthem quickly electrified by the heavy beats of Phox.

The transalpine muttering of OfeliaDorme are calling you before that the paradisiacal melodies of Papooz invite themselves to the ball.

Alphabet takes over with a conquering crescendo, joined by the convulsive music and the visceral singing of Alone & Me, opposite to the melodious but industrial rock of The One Armed Man.

We follow Ms. Henrik in some pleasant electro loopings. Then Marvellous, heir of the funk of the 70’s, fantastic crisp and energizing sound with Dusty’s hot and sexy groove.

Calm appears with Aube L project and Louise Roam closing this first act with a troubling and noodling march, ready to open the second act.

Part II

The catching sound of Grand Blanc installs his vertigo and leaves his seat to the Demi Mondaine’s rough and hot voice.

The Rocketboys play their melodious and dancing ballad when A Rainmaker invites us to a wild escape with their exotic pop.

Close encounter of two great singers, The Silent Ones and Sika get in harmony on a refined composition, between pop and electro.

With Miracles of Modern Science, electric strings are grabbing us before breaking up with the brutal punk generously offered by Los Rusos Hijos de Puta.

Aedi stays in the same tracks with a possessed and passionate track. Midnight Faces drives us to the stars with an emotional dream pop, with Capture’s controlled and nervous indie pop in its wake.

Proud defender of lyrics in french, The Breeze brings its melancholia with candor when Antoine Bertazzon chooses summer sweetness.
Téhessé clouds the issue with his soothing echoes and his minimalist experiments.

Posterboy Machine advocates the french new wave tart taste. Relayed by the confident heavy rock of Clownage and the esoteric rock of Vanity.

Sweet and lively, Bumpkin Island leaves us on a tender island. The listening is ending with a charming folk duet. Fire/Works. catchy and calming tunes is closely followed by Fred Woods’s leaving us in a peaceful mood with its abyssal folk.

We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable listening and hope that you will make great musical discoveries.

indiemusic would like to adress in particular his warmest thanks you to Nathalie from Deaf Rock Records and Be Popular, Julien from Five Roses Press, Colin from Flying Cow Prod, Martial from Les Disques Normal, Cécile from 460 Music, Antony Pradin from Roy Music and Nicolas Nithart for the english translation.

Links :

Midas Fall – midasfall.com
Tales & Remedies – talesandremedies.com
Mataharie – facebook.com/mataharie
Hi Cowboy – hi-cowboy.com
CoolCoolCool – facebook.com/coolcoolcoolband
Scanners – scannersmusic.co.uk
Igit – igitmusic.com
Alba Lua – facebook.com/albaluamusic
PHOX – facebook.com/phoxband
OfeliaDorme – ofeliadorme.it
Papooz – papooz.net
Alphabet – facebook.com/alphabetofficial
Alone & Me – facebook.com/aloneandme
The One Armed Man – theonearmedman.com
Ms. Henrik – mshenrik.com
Marvellous – marvellous-band.com
Dusty – facebook.com/wearedusty
Aube L – aubel.biz
Louise Roam – soundcloud.com/louise-roam
Grand Blanc – facebook.com/GRNDBLNC
Demi Mondaine – demimondaine.fr
The Rocketboys – facebook.com/therocketboys
A Rainmaker – facebook.com/arainmakermusic
The Silent Ones – thesilentones.com
Miracles of Modern Science – facebook.com/miraclesofmodernscience
Los Rusos Hijos de Puta – facebook.com/LosRusosHijosDePuta
Aedi – facebook.com/aedimusic
Midnight Faces – midnightfaces.com
Capture – facebook.com/WeAreCapture
The Breeze – facebook.com/ListentoTheBreeze
Antoine Bertazzon – antoinebertazzon.fr
Téhessé – facebook.com/tehesse
Posterboy Machine – posterboymachine.bandcamp.com
Clownage – facebook.com/CLOWNAGE
Vanity – facebook.com/VanityDoom
Bumpkin Island – facebook.com/bumpkinisland
Fire/Works. – facebook.com/fireworksband
Fred Woods – facebook.com/fredwoodsmusic